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Looking for a new car? You need Go Auto’s car loan payment calculator. Enter the vehicle price, down payment, and interest rate into our car finance calculator below. The calculator will give your estimated weekly, biweekly, or monthly payments and the cost of borrowing.

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Financing options for your car

Go Auto will help you find the right vehicle and the best car loan for your budget. We work with all of Canada’s large banks to get some of the best rates available*.

We often have financial incentives, such as promotional interest rates, manufacturer rebates, or manufacturer 0% financing (usually only new cars only). If you make a down payment, you can likely be approved for a better deal.

*Go Auto will check your credit score to determine the interest rate and terms of your loan.

Here’s why you should finance a car thorough Go Auto:

  • Fully financed if you don’t have a down payment
  • Finance a car if you have low income
  • Car loans if you have a poor credit rating
  • Promotional financing offers
  • Relationships with Canadian banks to secure your best options

What you should consider when applying for a car loan

Here some pointers to help you make an informed decision about your loan options:

  1. Ask Go Auto as many questions as you need to about how to finance a vehicle. We’re here to help and make your car buying experience and ownership easy.
  2. It's a good idea to check your credit rating. Many of the major financial institutions provide this service for free. Just log in to your on-line banking and access your personal credit score. In addition, Go Auto can easily provide you with a complimentary soft check of your credit and provide guidance about your buying options. And a soft check won’t affect your credit rating.
  3. Use our Car Valuation tool to see what your trade-in is worth. Our estimate tool is powered by the Canadian Black Book.
  4. Go Auto’s calculator (sometimes called a car finance calculator or a car loan payment calculator) is a good starting place when you’re ready to finance your car. You can adjust the information within the calculator to get an idea of monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. You want loan payments that work with your budget. With Go Auto, you can discuss the length of your loan so it works for you. If you want to borrow more, you can opt for a longer loan term, which means the payments will be lower. A shorter loan term will have higher payments and the loan will be paid off sooner.
  5. The interest rate is the next most important number to look at. The interest rate is the cost of borrowing money from the bank. It's the percentage of the vehicle purchase that is added to the cost of your vehicle for the duration of your auto loan. Whatever rate you are approved for and term you agree on, Go Auto will make sure you enjoy affordable payments that fit into your budget.
  6. Even if you have an outstanding loan on your existing vehicle, you can trade-in your car and buy a new or pre-owned car from Go Auto. Use the car auto loan calculator and input your current amount owing. If you still have an amount owing from your current loan, Go Auto will rework your financing to include the cost on your new auto-loan.
Finance vs Lease?

When deciding on financing vs. leasing, what's right for one person can be totally wrong for another.