Canadian Black Book

Learn the ins and outs of Canadian Black Book value and how Go Auto can get your car's Black Book value for you.

Why do I need
to know my car value?

You’ve probably heard of buyer’s remorse, but seller’s remorse is equally destructive. Why risk that kind of regret - caused by a cheap sale - when you can get all the facts beforehand and maximize your return?

Knowing your car value helps you to avoid a pressure sale and an impulse buy. You’ll know what you can realistically expect: you won’t over-charge and waste time suckering someone into a bad deal, and you won’t under-change and leave thousands of dollars on the table.

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How do I find
out my car value?

Let’s say you drive a 2014 Ford F-150 but are interested in buying something new. You’re left with two options: sell your vehicle privately or trade it in at a dealership.

But here’s the rub: how much do you sell it for? You can hazard a guess, but you’re likely to be wrong. You can price your vehicle competitively on Kijiji, but if those people undervalue their vehicles, so will you. If you’re trading it in, you’re at the whim of the dealership, and you’ve given away your negotiating power.

An easy way to fix your problem is to learn your vehicle’s Canadian Black Book value. Once you know your car value, you’ll know exactly what to charge during:

  • Private sales
  • Dealership trade-ins
  • Online auctions
Get my Black Book Value

What is
Canadian Black Book?

Canadian Black Book is a service that allows drivers to learn the estimated value* of their pre-owned vehicles (aka their “Canadian Black Book value”). This value - which is based on sales data, auctions, brand equity, and the pricing of similar vehicles across Canada - is the most accurate estimate a consumer is likely to find.

Whether you’re a first-time car seller or a seasoned vet, Canadian Black Book is incredibly valuable. The market is always changing, so it’s great to have an unbiased third-party do your work for you. The people at Canadian Black Book are as plugged in as anyone, and they have the most reliable, up-to-the-minute data available.

Best of all, it’s free! So if you’re considering selling your vehicle, get your Black Book value first. You have nothing to lose...except your misconceptions about the value of your vehicle.

*Note: Vehicle values can change daily, so it’s important to know that this is an estimate only. Factors like supply, demand, location, and economic environment affect a vehicle’s market price. While your Black Book Value is the most trusted source out there, it should be considered a guideline only.

How do I get my
Black Book Value?

Go Auto has a long history of working with Canadian Black Book, so we can do the legwork for you. All you need to do is click the button below and tell us about your vehicle. Once we know the make, model, year, and mileage, we’ll work to get your Canadian Black Book value in no time.

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How do dealerships
use Canadian Black Book?

Consumers like yourself aren’t the only ones who find value in Canadian Black Book prices. Dealerships use it too.

It’s incredibly important for dealers to be as up-to-date with their pricing as possible. If their prices are too high, they’re missing out on valuable sales. This is especially important in 2018 when sites like Kijiji and Auto Trader let their customers compare vehicle prices in seconds. If a dealer expects too much, then buyers can find a better deal elsewhere, which is great for you, the car buyer. Canadian Black Book keeps dealerships honest and ensures that you won’t get taken for a ride.