Save money and time with the Go Auto App

Enjoy savings, big rewards, and instant service bookings. Sell or trade-in and get above market value!

Service savings

  • 10% savings on parts and service invoices every time your vehicle is serviced. *
  • Get 5% of what you pay back in Rewards. 
  • Use your Rewards to pay for future services and parts.

    $500 referral savings

    • Get $500 on your Go Card when you refer family and friends to buy a new vehicle. 
    • They save $500 off their purchase! 
    • Share your personal referral code and start earning.

    Easy booking

    • Save time with our fast service booking. 
    • It’s less than 30 seconds to select your Go Auto location, requirements, date and time, and if you need a shuttle.

    Pay bills

    • Pay for your service safely and securely through the app, making your vehicle pick-up faster.

    One-stop service history

    • Your entire service history is stored safely, with pictures and videos.
    • No more searches for service records. 
    • Build value in your vehicle by storing its service history in one place.

    Sell your car

    • Send us a few details and you’ll get an offer within 24 hours. 
    • Go Auto’s 60+ dealers will compete to bid on your car, so you receive better-than-market value!

    What can I use my dollars on?

    You can use your Go Card balance towards ANY purchase at ANY of Go Auto’s 50+ locations!

    Here are some ideas:

    New tires $450+
    Remote starter $400+
    Rims $2,000+
    Windshield $250+
    Oil change $100+
    New or used vehicle

    Frequently asked questions

    What are the main benefits of the Go Auto App?

    The Go Auto App is the only auto app you will ever need. With our app you can save 10% off all parts and service spending at any participating Go Auto dealership and get 5% of your parts and service spending back on your Go Card to be used for future savings. A new virtual Go Card is located inside the app. See all the benefits above. 

    How do I get set up on the app?

    Download the app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play. Register for a new account and sign in. If you have an active Go Card, use the same email address on your Card account when creating your app profile. This will ensure your accounts are connected and your Go Card rewards and data will be visible in your app account.

    I already have a Go Card, so do I need the app as well?

    You won’t need a physical Go Card anymore. In fact, the plastic Go Card is being phased out and a virtual Go Card will sit inside the app. When you sign up for the app, please use the same email address you used for your Go Card. This way, all your Go Card information and rewards will be automatically imported into the app. When you next log into the app, you’ll be able to see your Reward dollars balance and vehicle information.

    Can I keep using my Go Card for savings and rewards?

    You need the Go Auto app for 10% savings on parts and service and for 5% Rewards off your parts and service spending, which goes back on your virtual Go Card within the app.

    I like my Go Card and calling the dealership for appointments. Why do I need an app?

    The app gives you the convenience of being able to quickly book and update your appointment. It also allows you to see your Go Card Rewards, vehicle service history, and pay for services. Ultimately, it saves time. Dealerships will still book appointments if you call or visit.

    When will I receive my 5% Rewards on my virtual Go Card?

    Your Rewards will show on your virtual Go Card in the app within three business days. If your balance is not correct, please email for assistance or call 780-777-7777. 

    What can I use my Rewards dollars on?

    Use your Go Card Rewards towards any purchase at any of Go Auto’s 50+ locations across Canada or future servicing or parts. For example, you could buy new tires, get an oil change, or use them towards a new or used vehicle.

    How do I set up a service appointment in the app?

    You will love the simplicity and speed of booking a service appointment. Click on your vehicle, select what you need doing, choose location, and then book a date and time.  

    Who can use my referral code and on what kind of vehicle?

    Your referral code can only be used by new customers who have never bought a new vehicle at Go Auto. If someone has bought a vehicle in the past from Go Auto, they cannot use your (or any other) code. When you share your referral code, tell your referrers to give the code to their salesperson at the start of the sales process.

    I hear about Go Auto offers and discounts that my friends receive by email. How can I get them?

    We send out exclusive sales and service offers to our Go Card customers several times a month. If you’re not receiving those emails, simply email and we’ll add you to the list.

    Can I control app notifications?

    Yes, you decide what kind of notifications you receive and how often. We encourage you to keep service notifications active.

    I don't have a smartphone, how can I get my discounts?

    The app is the only way you can get 5% of your parts and service spending back on your virtual Go Card for future savings. A new virtual Go Card is located inside the app. However, if you have a customer account with Go Auto and an existing Go Card number, you will still receive your 10% off parts and service.

    I’m concerned about my privacy and have heard that apps will take all my personal information from my phone or track my location.

    Go Auto respects your privacy. We won’t take any information that you don’t add to your app account, and the app only asks for your contact and vehicle information. We will never track your location with the app.