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  • Save 10% on service, get 5% back in rewards, and earn $500 in referral rewards
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The Go Card Referral Program

Earn $500 every time you refer family and friends, and they buy a new vehicle!

Every Go Card comes with its own Referral Code. Everyone you successfully refer to Go Auto who purchases a new vehicle instantly receives $500 off their new vehicle purchase.

Share your referral code with family and friends. All they have to do is present your code to their salesperson when purchasing their vehicle.

You can use your Go Card dollars towards services and parts bills or even your next vehicle purchase.

*Referral Code must be presented at the start of the sales process. The Go Card referral bonus only applies to the purchase of vehicles classified as new vehicles by the applicable manufacturer and dealership.

What can I use my dollars on?

Simply put, you can use your Go Card balance towards ANY purchase at ANY of Go Auto’s 50+ locations!

Here are some ideas:

New tires $450+
Remote starter $400+
Rims $2,000+
Windshield $250+
Oil change $100+
New or used vehicle

Frequently asked questions

What benefits do I receive with the Go Card?

With the Go Card, you:

  • Save 10% off all future parts and service spending at any participating Go Auto Dealership
  • Earn 5% of your parts and service spending back on your card to be used for future savings
  • Earn $500 every time you refer a new customer to Go Auto, and they buy a new vehicle using your referral code
  • Save $500 off the second car you buy from Go Auto (and the third, and the fourth, etc.)*

*You must present your own referral code at the start of the sales process.

How do I get my Go Card?

Download the Go Auto App for iOS or Android and sign up for an account.

Does my referral code work for all vehicles?

You can earn a $500 Referral Bonus (and save your referral $500 off their purchase) with the purchase of a NEW vehicle only. Pre-owned vehicles are not eligible.

Where do I check my Go Card balance?

You can check your balance and view past transactions any time using the Go Auto App (iOS or Android).

When do I receive my referral credit?

After your referral has purchased a vehicle at a Go Auto Dealership with your referral code, it can take up to 15 business days for you to receive your $500 credit.

What can I spend my Go Card dollars on?

Not only can you use your Go Card rewards on parts and service spending, but you can use them as a down payment on a vehicle.

You cannot use it towards Go Insurance payments or Go Auto Finance payments.

Who am I able to refer using my referral code?

The $500 referral bonus is applied to your account when a NEW Go Auto customer buys a new vehicle using your referral code. So if someone has bought a vehicle from Go Auto in the past, they cannot be referred with your Go Card code.

Do you have any suggestions for how I can share my referral code?

There are lots of ways to share it!

  • Tell your friends and family
  • Post it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Put a poster up in your office
  • You can even post about it on Kijiji

I lost my referral code. Where can I find it?

If you have lost your referral code, please contact our Happy to Help Desk at 780-777-7777 or email Tell us your full name and explain that you have forgotten your referral code.

When should I present a referral code when purchasing a vehicle?

Your referral code should be presented to your sales associate as soon as you start the buying process. This will ensure you get the referral discount, and the referral gets credited accordingly.

When will I receive my 5% rewards on my Go Card from parts and service?

Your rewards will show up on your Go Card within three business days. If your balance is incorrect, please email for assistance or call 780-777-7777.

Can my spouse use my card?

Yes, but we will need to verify this with the account holder directly.

Friends of mine tell me about the Go Card specials they receive via email. Why don't I receive any?

We send exclusive sales and service offers to our Go Card customers several times a month. If you’re not receiving those emails, simply email, and we’ll have you added to the list.

I've heard about the Go Auto "selfie". What is that?

The “Selfie” is, essentially, a self-referral. After you’ve bought your first Go Auto car, you’ll save $500 off the cost of every Go Auto vehicle you purchase after that!