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  • Any brand
  • Any year
  • Any condition

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Reasons to trade-in with go auto

Get more money

If we see a vehicle we like, then we'll pay more to get it. Why? Because 200,000 people visit every month and we're very confident we can find a buyer for it, fast.

Fast, free appraisals

Our appraisal process is free, and you're under no obligation to take our offer once we present it to you. Best of all, we won't waste your time. In other words, you have nothing to lose.

Get paid fast

If you don't want to put your trade-in money towards the next vehicle you're buying, we can get you cash the very same day. Avoid the hassle of selling your vehicle privately and waiting on payment.

You don't need to trade

We'll buy your vehicle even if you don't want to buy something new from a Go Auto dealership. We're just looking for pre-owned vehicles. We're not looking to rope you into a vehicle you don't want to buy.

want to sell without trading in?

Go Auto's free appraisal process

Our appraisal process is simple.

  1. You get the appraisal process started by clicking here and filling out our short form.
  2. Our appraisers look across canada to find where to get you the best value for your vehicle.
  3. You receive your appraisal price by your preferred method (email, phone, or text).
  4. You decide to take the offer or not! This is a no-obligation process, and our offer is good for a few days!
let's get started!

How we assign value to your vehicle

Go Auto's appraisal specialists will look over the key parts of your vehicle in order to give you a better-than-fair trade-in price. Here's what we'll be looking at with your trade-in vehicle:

  • Year and mileage of your vehicle
  • General exterior and interior condition
  • Mechanical issues (determined by a test-drive)
  • Aftermarket modifications

Once we have this information, we'll input the rest of your vehicle's information into our trade-in optimization system, which also takes into account:

  • The maintenance history of your vehicle (make sure to bring records of non-Go Auto maintenance)
  • Technical bulletins regarding your make/model/year
  • Current market conditions (sales trends and auction data)
  • Go Auto's inventory needs
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