How to parallel park in 6 easy steps

Here’s a step-by-step guide to parallel parking like a pro:

#1. Assess parking spot size

Ensure there is at least a vehicle-and-a-half’s worth of space separating the two cars you’re going to park between.

#2. Pull up alongside the vehicle in front

Align your back wheels with the back bumper of the other vehicle. Then, stop.

#3. Turn the steering wheel to the right

You should be turning the wheel as far to the right as it can go.

#4. Back into spot slowly

Keep your steering wheel to the right as you move back slowly. Keep going until your front right wheel aligns with the back left corner of the other vehicle.

#5. Turn the steering wheel left

Turn the wheel as far left as it can go, so your car will straighten out as you move the rest of the way into your new parking spot.

#6. Adjust your car’s position

Assess the distance between your car and the parked cars in front and behind you. Adjust your car’s position forward or back to ensure drivers of those vehicles have enough room to get out.

A reverse parallel park requires practice and can be intimidating. If you’re just learning to drive, being asked to parallel park on a driving test is a common request. So, practice - it will come naturally to you once you’ve repeated the process a few times.