How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

how to change oil for your car

How often should you change your oil? It’s the question our customer care agents hear the most at Go Auto. It’s because there’s so much misinformation out there. No doubt someone has told you to change your oil every 3,000 km, or 5,000 km, or 10,000 km. I mean, what does that even mean? Which one is it?

Fear not. Today, we’re going to clear things up for you.

When should you change your oil?

Mechanics might tell you to change your oil every 5,000 km. The average person might tell you to get your oil changed every six months. Others might say you can get the most out of your money by waiting up to 10,000 km between oil changes.

With so many people giving so many different answers about how often should you change your oil, it gets to the point where it feels impossible to make the right choice.

According to most sources (including our trusty certified techs at Go Auto), recent advancements in automotive technology have made it so that new vehicles don’t need to follow the 5,000 km rule anymore. Most sources state that oil changes can happen between 12,000 and 16,000 km. But how realistic is that?

Oil change frequency is dependent upon the make and model of your vehicle. For that reason, experts suggest checking your owner’s manual for oil change recommendations. It will always be a more reliable source than your local mechanic. So, when you consider changing your oil it’s best to take multiple sources into account.

The frequency also depends on you and your driving habits. Are you a cautious driver or are you a speedster? These things play into the “how often should you change your oil” conversation. If you’re a city driver who does a lot of stop and go, running small errands over shorter distances, then your recommended kilometres might be around 7,500 km. If your driving mostly consists of highway driving and long distances, you might be around the 10,000 km mark.

How often should you get your oil changed?

You should change your oil at least twice a year, regardless of how much driving you do.

Why? Because oil is less effective over time. So, even though you’ve only put 5,000 km on your vehicle over six months, your oil still needs to be changed.

Furthermore, while changing your oil early might keep your vehicle’s parts fresh, it hurts the environment more than old oil. That’s because it means more oil needs to be disposed of, and there’s already too much of it laying around.

But if it’s all too much to consider, and you want a good rule of thumb to follow: pay attention to the service reminder that your dealership placed inside your windshield, or if you own a new vehicle, listen to the service reminder that will eventually pop up on your dash.

Where can I get my oil changed?

If you live in Vancouver, Edmonton, Red Deer, London, or Toronto, there are plenty of local Go Auto dealerships for you. But if you live somewhere else, there’s always JiffyLube, Mr. Lube, car dealerships, tire shops, and local mechanics. If you’re capable, you can even do it in your driveway!

Here’s how you can go about finding the best place for you.

Step 1:

Search Oil Changes Near You.

Step 2:

Click on the Google Maps tab to pull up the listings and see which one is closest to you.

Step 3:

Check the map and the listings to find the one that best suits you.

Step 4:

Go to your selected location and get that oil changed!

Why is it so important to get your oil changed?

By being a responsible car owner, you get the most out of your vehicle. When you stay on top of your vehicle service schedule, which includes oil changes, your vehicle simply lasts longer.

The last thing you want is your car to break down because you forgot to get your oil changed!

Oil changes are important because they keep your vehicle lubricated and road-ready. After all, vehicles aren’t cheap and having to fix your vehicle or buy a new car because you disregarded your oil change can be far more expensive than a $50 oil change.

So, how often should you change your oil?

Most people should change their oil twice a year. Basically, once every six months. But if you find yourself driving a ton, or doing a lot of rough driving (high acceleration, lots of stop and go, etc.) check your owner’s manual and account for your driving style.

If you own a newer vehicle, you can go over 5,000 km without it being an issue. But be reasonable and responsible with your vehicle. The last thing you want is your engine seizing up because you went 15,000 km without changing your oil!

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