How Long Should You Warm Up Your Vehicle?

Do you really have to warm up your car in the winter?

It’s actually a really common misconception that stems from a time when cars weren’t nearly as sophisticated as they are today. Back when cars were still sold with carburetors they needed they needed to be warmed up for longer.

Because modern vehicles have fuel injectors, 30 seconds is all you need. This is the amount of time it takes for the oil to start circulating.

All It Takes is 30 Seconds

In terms of what’s best for your vehicle, the best thing to do is what 30 seconds and then drive away.

Most people warm up their vehicles so that the cabin is warm when they get inside, but driving your vehicle actually warms up the cabin much faster. If that wasn’t enough, your car is actually 10% less efficient in cold weather. Why waste your gas by letting it idle for 20 minutes?

Plus, when you idle you’re actually just letting the engine warm up. You’re not warming up important components like the transmission, the bearings, the tires, and numerous other systems that can only be warmed up by driving.

How long do you idle your vehicle in the morning? Will knowing this information change how you warm up your vehicle? Let us know in the comments!