Canada’s top 5 strange traffic laws

In Canada, each province and territory sets their own road rules. As you are about to discover, many of them are a little strange. Here’s a look at some of the country’s weird driving laws:

1. Prince Edward Island’s honk before passing law

In the birthplace of confederation, you are technically supposed to honk if you want to pass another vehicle so that your intention is clear. Fortunately, it’s not a law that’s enforced.

When you consider how hilly some PEI roads are, maybe it’s not such a weird rule

2. Halifax’s taxi dress code

In Nova Scotia’s capital, a unique city bylaw restricts cab and limo drivers from casual wear; t-shirts are strictly forbidden. Clothing must be in a neat and tidy condition at all times.

Dude gets it.

3. Saskatchewan’s Back to the Future law

It’s not called this, of course, and it seems like common sense, but a law in Saskatchewan states no person shall hold onto a moving vehicle unless they are in that vehicle. Hopefully, we’ve spoiled nobody’s Friday night plans.

4. Ontario’s no animal racing law

In Ontario, you can’t “furiously” race a horse or any other animal on a highway.

Felons. Heroes.

5. Montreal’s no turning on red law

In most places in Canada, turning right at a red light is not a problem as long as you come to a complete stop first. Not so in Montreal; you must stop and wait until the light turns green before you can make the turn; otherwise, you face a hefty fine.