5 things you shouldn't do if you drive stick

Following these tips can prevent costly and time-consuming repairs when driving a car with a manual transmission.

#1: Don’t stay in gear at stop lights

Doing so is hard on the clutch’s spring, bearing and diaphragm. Instead, put the stick shift in neutral and let the clutch out.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate this driving sloth. Admirable attempt, Mr. Sloth.

#2: Don’t use the clutch to hold on a hill

Repeatedly tapping the clutch pedal means you’re burning out your clutch’s disc. Instead:

  • If your car has a Brake Hold and you have the clutch pressed in, slowly ease your foot off the brake, and the car will remain stationary.

  • Step down slowly on the gas pedal while stepping off the clutch simultaneously.

  • With the parking brake up, slowly take your foot off the brake. Put it in gear, ease off the clutch and as you feel the engine rev, let off the parking brake and go.

#3: Don’t rest your hand on the gear shift

The weight of your hand and its elevated position will add extra pressure to the gear shift. Eventually, your car could start jumping out of gear unexpectedly.

Keep ’em at 10 and 2, folks.

#4: Don’t floor it when at a low RPM

This is called “lugging the engine,” and it’s very damaging. Instead, when you’re in 5th gear, downshift through the gears.

#5. Don’t rest your foot on the clutch

Doing so means a constant pressure is being applied, causing your clutch’s friction disk to slip and create unnecessary heat.