5 reasons why you shouldn’t wait to fix a cracked windshield

Putting off a car windshield repair can be both dangerous and expensive. Fixing a crack now will:

1. Prevent further damage

That windshield crack or chip, over time, is likely to grow. Heat (from a car wash in winter) or cold (air conditioner in summer) can cause the crack to expand, or it may do so on its own. This means that when you finally do take your vehicle into an auto glass repair shop, you will have to replace the whole windshield (a much more expensive process for both labour and parts).

2. Keep your field of vision clear

A crack or chip will likely obstruct your view, making it harder to see other cars, pedestrians, the road, or road signs. A prism effect can also occur, where bright lights or another car’s headlights can temporarily blind you.

3. Protect your vehicle’s integrity

Your windshield acts as a support for your vehicle’s roof. In an accident involving a rollover, it helps keep the roof from crumbling inward.

4. Ensure airbag support

In a bad accident, a crack may mean the windshield will not hold the airbags in place and be unable to prevent you or your passenger from being ejected from the car.

5. Avoid a ticket

You can be fined for driving with a damaged windshield because it impairs your vision. If the crack is serious enough, the police may order your car removed from the road.

This excuse won’t fly if you have a cracked windshield, no matter how bad you have to go.

Remember, act quickly when you have a cracked or chipped windshield. Over time, it can only get worse and more costly to repair.