Meet our management team

Go Auto is comprised of 50+ dealerships, multiple repair and service centers, several reconditioning facilities, in-house finance and insurance departments, a loyalty and rewards program, and more.

Jared Priestner smiling, arms crossed, wearing a dark suit jacket, white shirt and grey and white tie

Jared Priestner


Jason Smith smiling and wearing a long-sleeve light grey top

Jason Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Phil Abram smiling, wearing glasses, a beard, a suit, white shirt and blue and green patterned tie

Phil Abram


Chris Burrows

Chief Financial Officer

Ben Cochrane

Senior Vice President

Latha Thomas-Back smiling, wearing red lipstick, earrings, a blue suit jacket and black top

Latha Thomas-Back

Senior Vice President

Michael Hladun smiling and wearing a suit, white shirt and blue, green and grey striped tie

Michael Hladun

Senior Vice President

Jared Biggs smiling, wearing glasses, a suit, a white shirt and blue tie

Jared Biggs

Senior Vice President

Duncan Cochrane smiling and wearing a suit with a buttoned-up white shirt and a purple, patterned tie

Duncan Cochrane

Senior Vice President

Sherry Jacobs smiling, wearing a navy blue jacket and a white high-neck top

Sherry Jakobs

Vice President, Corporate Finance

Mark Szott wearing glasses, a suit and tie, and smiling

Mark Szott

Vice President, Corporate Investments

Photo of Jon Ebel smiling in suit, shirt and tie

Jon Ebel

Vice President, Dealership Accounting

Rob Golden smiling and wearing glasses, a suit and a light blue shirt with the top button undone

Rob Golden

Vice President, Business Intelligence

Gary McDonald smiling and wearing a suit and a blue shirt with the top button undone

Gary McDonald

Vice President, Fixed Operations

Brent Lazanik

Vice President, Talent Acquisition

Dean Perpeluk

Vice President, IT

Chris Dulaba

Vice President, Real Estate