Service careers

A man in blue overalls and a baseball cap is servicing a vehicle under it's hood
Automotive Service Technician
  • Stop feeling held back. Work in a state-of-the-art shop with unlimited opportunities to advance. Former service tech Gary McDonald is now the Fixed Ops Manager at Go Nissan and oversees several others.
  • Make mad stacks. Work with Edmonton’s largest growing client list, your bay will always be full.
  • You want hours? Oh, we’ve got hours. As many as you’re willing to work.
A man in blue overalls is lying underneath a raised-up vehicle, servicing it
RV Service Technician
  • Our massive, targeted client list makes the sales process feel like a tape-to-tape pass: all you need to do to score is tap it in.
  • We don’t mess around. We have purpose-built shops with the best equipment and proper spacing to deliver the best service in Alberta. Full stop.
  • As an industry leader, we’re in high demand. Get as many hours as you are willing to work.
A smiling female worker in a black and red polo shirt shows a document to a smiling man. There are cars in the background
Service Advisor
  • Our Fixed Ops Manager, Kris Shukaliak, started as a Service Advisor. The sky is the limit for top performers.
  • Use the latest technology, like video inspections for customers, to sell more work and make more money!
  • Get your share of more than 500,000 yearly service customers!
A man in a blue polo shirt and jeans is standing and cleaning the steering wheel of a vehicle with a green cloth
  • Unlock your potential with all the tools you need to complete industry-leading work.
  • Avoid uncertainty with our flat rate pay system.
  • Learn why they call us “Grow” Auto: receive training in 3M application, paintless dent removal, and more.
A smiling man is in the driver's seat of a van, holding the steering wheel, looking out the open window at the camera
Shuttle Driver
  • Flexible hours and a huge customer base mean you’ll stay busy and have fun doing it alongside amazing people every day.
  • Be the best damn shuttle driver in the business or advance throughout the company. Build the career you want.
  • Enjoy an extra week of vacation, a health spending account, vehicle discounts, and more.
A smiling man in a blue shirt is smiling at the camera, with his arms folded, standing in front of a number of vehicles
Service Manager/Assistant Service Manager
  • Build your brand by taking ownership of one of the dealership’s biggest profit centers.
  • You’ll have a dedicated team focused on recruitment and marketing so you can focus and hit your monthly targets.
  • Rise through the ranks. With 60+ dealerships available to you, your growth opportunities are nearly endless.
  • Crush the competition with software built for service managers by service managers. Our in-house tools drive more appointments (and work!) to your store.
A slightly smiling man is in a plaid suit with his arms crossed, looking at the camera. A dealership is in the background
Fixed Operations Manager
  • Oversee the Parts and Service department to ensure its smooth operation and profitability.
  • You will be put in a position of leadership and responsibility, as the Parts and Service Managers will report directly to you.
  • Be tasked with developing and maintaining positive relationships with customers.

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