Management careers

A man in a dark suit with a chequered purple shirt and tie is smiling at the camera
General Manager
  • Know how you stack up against your peers in real-time through complete group-wide financial composites.
  • Go Auto’s unique executive structure offers you more growth and earning potential than any other dealership group.
  • You’ll have a dedicated team focused on recruitment and marketing so you can do what you do best: close deals and mentor people!
  • You have the keys to the kingdom! Run your dealership your way.
  • Learn from mentors that helped us become one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies in 2019.
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General Sales Managers
  • Sell more than you ever have before, with a better work-life balance.
  • A rising tide lifts all boats. Gain a competitive advantage from processes perfected at 60+ dealerships.
  • Be the Tom Brady to our Bill Belichick and learn under the best leaders in the industry.
A smiling man in a dark suit, white shirt, and dark striped tie is standing in front of cars, looking at the camera
Sales Manager
  • Size matters. We have 10,000+ new and used vehicles in stock.
  • Benefit from high-potential mentorship programs taught by our award-winning CEO.
  • Hit career-best numbers using the best processes in the business.
A woman in a suit is holding a red folder and smiling at the camera, two customers are looking at cars behind her
Assistant Sales Manager
  • Go Auto’s Jared Biggs went from a Lot Attendant to Senior Vice President, but his career really took off as an Assistant Sales Manager.
  • Smash your personal sales records thanks to software that delivers you “cherry” leads.
  • Empower yourself with tools that will seriously improve your closing percentage.
A woman sitting at a desk, with an open folder, wearing a blue shirt and sweater, with a shelving unit and folders behind her
Platform VP
  • Take your success, knowledge and experience to mentor our teams.
  • Oversee multiple multi-million-dollar businesses – making mad cash.
  • We put our greatest people on our biggest opportunities, and we don’t cap your success.
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Fixed Operations Manager
  • Oversee the Parts and Service department to ensure its smooth operation and profitability.
  • You will be put in a position of leadership and responsibility, as the Parts and Service Managers will report directly to you.
  • Be tasked with developing and maintaining positive relationships with customers.
A friendly man in a suit looks at the camera with his arms crossed. Cars are raised up being serviced behind him
Service Manager/Assistant Service Manager
  • Build your brand by taking ownership of one of the dealership’s biggest profit centers.
  • You’ll have a dedicated team focused on recruitment and marketing so you can focus and hit your monthly targets.
  • Rise through the ranks. With 60+ dealerships available to you, your growth opportunities are nearly endless.
  • Crush the competition with software built for service managers by service managers. Our in-house tools drive more appointments (and work!) to your store.
A smiling woman is controlling a computer, and her smiling male colleague is looking at her screen. A vehicle service department is in the background
Parts Manager/Assistant Parts Manager
  • Take advantage of processes that got us named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies.
  • Learn from mentors whose beach houses were paid for with the parts they sold.
  • Stop being held back by the tools at your disposal. We only work with top-of-the-line products.
Two workers in overalls in a bodyshop. The female is controlling a computer, and the male is looking at the screen
Bodyshop Manager/Assistant Bodyshop Manager
  • A tip-of-the-spear role that gives you complete ownership of your operation.
  • Learn why they call us “Grow” Auto, with multiple bodyshops in the city and lots of opportunities for advancement via 60+ dealerships.
  • With Go Auto’s 300,000+ customer list, you’ll never lack for work.
  • The most comprehensive benefits package in the business: extra vacation, health spending account, vehicle and insurance discounts, and more.
A woman and a smiling man sitting at a table and looking at a screen which the woman is holding and showing to the man
  • Become a high-profile performer by working closely with all levels of management and actively managing relationships with vendors and business partners
  • With 60+ businesses in the fold and with no shortage of mentorship available, Go Auto offers nearly unlimited growth potential.
  • If you want the tools to grow your leadership and communications skills in a fast-paced environment, this is the ticket.
  • Be an integral, strategic partner within a leadership team and help take your dealership to new heights.
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Finance Director/Assistant Finance Director
  • We sell over 50,000 vehicles a year. Get as many opportunities as you can handle!
  • Receive specific training from proven leaders at Go Auto and best-in-class third parties.
  • Our Talent Acquisition Managers find and screen top talent so you can focus on closing deals and mentoring your team.
A female worker at her desk in a dealership. A woman is opposite her, signing paperwork
Finance Manager
  • At Go Auto, if you deliver, you’ll get rewarded.
  • With our wide variety of best-in-class products, you’ll be able to meet each of your clients’ needs and hit your targets every month.
  • If the banks can’t finance our customers, we can…with our own money. Through our in-house company, Yes Plan Auto Finance, we can approve more customers than other dealers.

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