Vehicle rustproofing should include your car’s undercarriage

Auto rust protection will make your car safer, strengthening its structural integrity while preventing leaks and other mechanical failures. It will also help maintain your vehicle’s resale value. Here’s how you can prevent rust from damaging the underside of your car.

Check regularly for signs of rust

If you can’t get under your car, ask your mechanic to have a look. Treat minor scratches now before they erode. Dark spots in the paint may be signs of rusting metal underneath.

Wash your car regularly

Most car washes offer an undercarriage cleaning option, so take advantage of that (especially in winter). It’s particularly important to thoroughly clean before applying any sealant, so rocks or other corrosive materials don’t get trapped and cause damage.

Rustproof your vehicle’s undercarriage

The most popular method is to oil your vehicle with a rustproofing spray. You can also try an electronic rust inhibitor, which works by issuing a weak electrical current through your vehicle’s metal, preventing rust from forming.

The brake and fuel lines are most prone to rust, so be generous when applying rustproofing to those areas.

One last rustproofing tip

If you’re getting a new car, have it rustproofed upon purchase, it will never be cleaner than when new.