How to Change a Tire (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Are you experiencing any of these issues?

  1. Your car is pulling to one side of the road
  2. You’re driving in a straight line but your steering wheel is crooked
  3. The tread on your tires is uneven
  4. Your steering wheel is vibrating
  5. Your tires are squealing for no apparent reason

If so, it might be time to take your car in for a wheel alignment. Today we’ll explain what’s behind these issues and why taking your car in for regular wheel alignments is one of the most important services you can do for your vehicle.

What Throws My Wheels Out of Alignment?

Your wheel’s alignment angles are measured in really tiny units — think hundredths of degrees. The smallest variance of that angle can translate into a much bigger symptom when you drive, like when your car veers to the right or left.

Minor misalignments can happen for a bunch of reasons. If you’re frequently driving on uneven roads — aren’t we all in Edmonton – it can cause your vehicle’s ball and socket joints to loosen, which can cause misalignment. Potholes are also a contributor, as is normal wear-and-tear.

Why Are Wheel Alignments So Important?


A set of properly aligned tires will last twice as long as a set of misaligned tires. If you ignore early problems, the tread on your tires will wear down unevenly and you’ll need to buy new ones. This will cost you thousands of dollars in tires and tire repair and will have you in the shop way more than you need to be.

Having misaligned tires also affects your vehicle’s ability to drive in the right direction. This has even bigger implications when it comes to your car’s steering and can cause problems in the suspension system. Again, this can translate into costly repairs down the road.

Bottom line? Regular wheel alignments are an affordable cost. The problems caused by misaligned tires are far more expensive to deal with. Save yourself the money.

When Should I get My Wheels Aligned?

If any of these apply to you, we recommend bringing your car in for a routine check. It’s likely your wheels are misaligned.

  1. If you start experiencing any of the issues we described above.
  2. If your car recently hit a curb or you’ve been in a minder fender bender, your alignment could have been thrown off.
  3. Maybe you just purchased new tires. If so, it’s a great opportunity to have your wheels aligned as their being installed to avoid uneven wear immediately.
  4. Having your tires rotated is another great opportunity.

Why is it Important to Take My Vehicle into the Professionals?

The process of aligning your vehicle’s wheels is complicated. It requires specialized equipment, a variety of tools and a level of skill that only trained service technicians have.

Keep in mind, every vehicle is unique. The alignment specifications for one car won’t be the same as another. The specs are determined by the manufacturer and it depends on the make and model of your vehicle. Your technician will take into account the size, weight, and length of your car and then align it accordingly.