Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety

Debunking myths and overcoming concerns

What is range anxiety? It’s the concern about the distance an electric vehicle (EV) can travel on a single charge and the fear that the car’s battery will die mid-trip. It’s become a barrier when drivers consider purchasing an electric vehicle

In this blog, we will debunk those EV range myths to help you overcome your concerns and feel more at peace when considering an electric vehicle.

Myth #1 - There is nowhere to charge

Fact: At home, EVs can be plugged into the same outlet as your blender! Also, Canada currently has nearly 20,000 publicly available charging stations and growing.

At home? While you can plug in at home with a standard 120 Volt (Level 1) outlet, you can also install a dedicated 240 Volt (Level 2) charging station. EV charging stations are also becoming more common in apartment buildings!

On the road? As we mentioned, there are many publicly available charging stations nationwide, with more and more popping up at shopping malls, libraries, etc. Most EVs also have onboard GPS systems that can navigate to nearby charging stations, or you can use your phone apps to find the closest one.

Myth #2 – EVs don’t have enough range to handle daily travel demands

Fact: Electric vehicle range is more than enough for typical daily use in Canada.

Most Canadians drive 60 km or less per day. This is well within the range of every EV available in Canada. Don’t believe us? The next time you hit the road on your daily commute, set your trip calculator to 0 and track your distance travelled. Then, compare that with the electric vehicle’s range you are considering. We think you’ll be surprised.

Myth #3 – It takes too long to charge

Fact: Level 3 DC-Quick chargers that will charge an EV battery from empty to 80% in 30 - 45 minutes.

The typical charging time for a Level 2 EV charger is around 3-8 hours from empty to full, while the average Level 1 EV charger will take 11-20 hours to charge fully. Public charging stations are evolving to offer faster charging speeds, reducing refuelling time.

Also, fast-charging technologies, such as Tesla's Supercharger, can provide a significant amount of range in just a short amount of time.

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Myth #4 – EVs can’t handle long-distance travel or road trips

Fact: Charging stations are widely available along highways, gas stations, and many public locations.

With some pre-planning, you’ll have no problem taking your EV beyond your daily commute or on a road trip. As mentioned, most electric vehicle manufacturers now offer navigation systems that plan routes based on available charging stations, ensuring a worry-free journey.

As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, it’s important to bunk these common myths that fuel range anxiety. EVs are a practical choice for both daily commuting and long-distance journeys. With readily available and convenient charging stations and impressive ranges, EVs have remarkable benefits that should ease your range anxiety nerves.

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