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If you’re looking to buy tires in Edmonton, don’t settle for anything less than the best deal you can find. With Go Auto, we’ll get you a top brand, at a great price, and for a limited time we’re offering $400 in bonus repairs, rotations, warranties and more for FREE.

All you need to do is purchase and install 4 tires at one of Go Auto’s 20+ tire shops in Edmonton.

Buy your tires in Edmonton from Go Auto and get:

  • 10% off your tire purchase (with a free Go Card rewards membership)
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  • 2-year road hazard warranty
  • Lifetime tire repair/flat repair
  • Lifetime tire rotation
  • Award-winning customer service!

Buying Winter Tires in Edmonton

IMPORTANT: If you’re buying winter tires in Edmonton in 2021, you should order your tires months earlier than you normally would. Due to factory closures as a result of COVID-19, there will likely be a new tire shortage in Edmonton in the Fall/Winter of 2021/2022.

As we all know, buying winter tires in Edmonton is non-negotiable. So, don’t miss out due to a COVID shortage. Order yours from Go Auto today (while you still can!) and we’ll throw in $400 in bonus offers to make things even easier for you.

But when you buy winter tires in Edmonton from our tire experts, we give you a lot more than a great deal. We give you more than anyone else: more locations, more brands, and more savings.

  • 20+ tire shops in Edmonton
  • 10+ brands to choose from
  • $400 in bonus savings
  • We store tires, too!

When to Change to Winter Tires in Edmonton

Summer/all-season tires have proven to be much less effective when the average temperature drops below 7 °C. Summer tires work great in the heat, but in freezing temperatures they lose much of their grip and can even crack due to the cold. They offer virtually no grip on snow or ice.

Winter tires are designed with compounds that withstand freezing temperatures so that the rubber stays flexible, which is necessary to grip the road in wet, snowy, and icy conditions.

So, when should you change to winter tires in Edmonton?

The average temperature in Edmonton usually drops below 7 °C in mid-to-late October. We recommend booking your tire change appointment in early October to avoid the rush, but that’s up to you.

Our Brands

Looking for Used Tires Edmonton?

Used tires in Edmonton offer a cheaper alternative to new tires. In a time when savings have become more important than ever, we understand the draw here. We really do. You have to do what’s best for your family. But if you’re planning on buying used tires in Edmonton, ask yourself: are the savings worth putting you and your family at greater risk?

All tires have a life expectancy. No matter what kind of tires you buy in Edmonton, they eventually wear down and lose their grip on the road. If you’re a normal driver, a set of tires should last you anywhere from 3-5 years.

So if you’re buying used tires in Edmonton, understand that someone else has already used up some of that time. You have to weigh your savings against the number of years you can actually drive on used tires safely. Do your research, consult with tire experts you trust, and make the right decision for you.

At Go Auto, we feel like we offer the perfect compromise. If you buy a and install 4 new tires at a Go Auto dealership, not only will we save you 10% on your purchase, but we’ll throw in $400 in bonus rotations, warranties, and repairs.

Need to Store Your Tires? Use Go Auto’s Tire Warehouse, Edmonton!

Save valuable space in your apartment, home, or garage by storing your tires in Go Auto’s tire warehouse Edmonton.

Not only will we store your tires, but we’ll clean them, inspect them for wear and tear, and put them in a climate-controlled facility so that they don’t break down over time.

With Go Auto’s tire warehouse in Edmonton, you’ll never have to deal with your other set of tires again. Because we’re committed to customer service, our technicians will even swap your tires for you when you drop them off or pick them up. That way, when the time comes to have your tires changed Edmonton, you’ll always have the right set on your vehicle and you’ll always have your other set ready to go, safe and sound, in our Edmonton tire warehouse.

To store a set in Go Auto’s Edmonton tire warehouse, simply call 780-777-7777 to book an appointment.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Flat or Leaking Tire?

If you’ve purchased and installed a set of tires at one of Go Auto’s tire shops in Edmonton, then tire repair is completely free!

That’s the Go Auto advantage. So, stop paying for every leak, every flat, every road hazard gone wrong. Get the deal on tires Edmonton drivers need when you buy with the tire experts at Go Auto.

Book Your Tire Service in Edmonton

Go Auto has more than 20 dealerships in Edmonton, and each of them has factory-trained technicians who can take care of your tire service needs and give you the best customer service in the city. We offer:

  • Tire Balancing & Wheel Alignment
    Improve the quality and longevity of your tires with proper balancing and alignment.
  • Tire Rotation
    Prolong the life of your tires by rotation your set every 10,000 km.
  • Tire Repair & Replacements
    We can repair the vast majority of cuts, nails, holes, and flats. If we can’t, we can replace them.
  • Tire Inflation
    Properly inflated tires last longer, increase mileage, and improve handling.