Sell Your Car to Go Auto We pay more thanks to the size of our dealership network and customer requests

Go Auto's Appraisal Process

The appraisal process is simple. Once you book your appraisal, bring your vehicle to your nearest Go Auto Store for a thorough evaluation by our trained professionals.

Once we determine which of our dealerships needs you vehicle the most, we will make you a no-obligation offer.

We get you the best value for your vehicle, and pass the benefits on to you.

We Value Your Vehicle

Go Auto's appraisal specialists will look over key parts of your vehicle to give you a fair value. We look at your vehicle's physical condition:

The information regarding the physical quality of your vehicle is then input into our vehicle optimization system, which also takes into account other factors:

We Find Your Car a Home

Go Auto will look at our inventory needs across Canada, and find where we will be able to get the best value for your vehicle.

We get a better price when we sell your vehicle, and you get a better offer. We pass our benefits on to you.

We Make You an Offer

Once we have inspected and appraised your vehicle, we will present you with an offer to purchase your vehicle on the spot.

This offer is no obligation, and good for a few days. Remember, you don't need to buy one of our vehicles for us to buy yours!

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