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Insuring your Vehicle and Home with Go Insurance

Looking for cheap auto insurance in Alberta? Think you can find a better deal on your home insurance than the rate you’re currently paying? Looking for something more comprehensive? We’ve got answers to all these questions and more.

Get your free insurance quote below and find out just how much you can save. Our Happy to Help insurance agents are committed to tracking down the absolute best insurance rates around.

Why Go Insurance?

Go Insurance gives you a one-stop solution for buying and insuring your car, truck, or SUV in Edmonton. We're not just about cars. You can also insure everything else you value, including your home, while you're at the office.
We make things as easy and convenient for you as possible. And as affordable as we can too. Visit to learn more.

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As independent Edmonton insurance brokers, we offer:

Flexible payment plans

A wide range of products and services

Expert advice when you need it

We offer fair, knowledgeable, and prompt claims services at all designated repair shops

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Our flexible hours and 24-hour claims service means when you need your broker, we are there for you!

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Ask us about all of our special discounts for preferred drivers including discounts for:

Multi-car Policies

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Dissapearing deductibles on home & auto


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Insuring your Vehicle and Home with Go Insurance

Go Insurance works with a range of companies to suit your diverse insurance needs.

We carry a huge variety of carriers, which allows us to offer competitive rates and flexibility in policy options. This way you can enjoy the best combination of both.

Whether you need help with a claim or just general information, we’re only a phone call away at 1.780.448.2298.