Delivering more than


free meals to Edmonton
schools every week!

Every year, Go Auto gives back to the community in a meaningful way. We have supported benevolent charities and launched special charitable initiatives, like the Random Acts of Kindness program.

Our goals are always the same: to encourage positive change, to give back to and strengthen our communities, and to change people’s lives for the better.

This year, we are especially excited about our plan to give back. We are introducing a wonderful “hand to hand” program that will involve hundreds of Go Auto employees and positively impact the lives of thousands of Edmonton families. It’s called Go Auto Fuels the Schools.

" Go Auto is built on the relationships we’ve nurtured and the strength of the communities that’ve supported us. I’m very proud that we give back to our communities, and I’m especially proud of this program. By providing our school children with balanced meals, we can help them discover the joys of learning. I would like to thank each of our employees for their outstanding efforts. It’s because of you that we can provide support to those in need. "

Jason Smith,
President of Go Auto

What is Fuels the Schools?

There are thousands of children throughout Edmonton’s school system in socially vulnerable situations, and many of them are going to school every day without a lunch. In April 2018 Go Auto launched Fuels the Schools to provide lunches to school children in need.

With the help of Go Auto’s Chef Bryan Dwernychuk and his talented kitchen staff, we are fueling the minds of the next generation with healthy meals.

On a daily basis, we will be asking Go Auto staff to participate in the delivering of the lunches.

When is it Happening?

Go Auto Fuels the Schools began in April 2018 and continues today! We deliver more than 2,500 free meals to Edmonton schools every week.

Questions About the Program?

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