Taking a Body Break with
Connor McDavid and Go Auto

Connor McDavid needed a break this summer.

And because there’s been a McDavid Go Auto partnership since 2016, he reached out to see if there was anything he could do to help us out. We love having him around, so we jumped at the chance to make another Connor McDavid video with Go Auto.

So, we offered him a chance to stay fit and have fun while working on a few skills for the upcoming season: communication, creativity, and execution.

“Let’s make Connor McDavid sell cars.” It’ll be hilarious, we thought.

Connor McDavid selling cars without any training. We thought it would be a good laugh for all involved, including Connor himself. If Crosby has trouble passing Timmies cups out of a drive through window, there’s no way Connor can move metal on his first day on a sales floor.

But we didn’t want to leave him completely high and dry. Even though he’s a master at assisting others (as we’ve seen in other Connor McDavid Go Auto videos), we brought in some master motivators to help him out. Track suits and all.

Turns out 97 is a natural.


“We’re gonna need more cars.”