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Auto Body Repairs

Each of Go Auto's five auto body repair centres (three in Edmonton, one in Vancouver, one in Hay River) boasts an assortment of services that allow us to provide you with a one stop, full service solution. This includes collision body repair, dent removal, lease return repairs, hail damage, glass replacement, scratch/paint repair, fleet repair solutions and claims assistance.

Go Auto has repaired hundreds of thousands of vehicles to date. With a massive network of highly trained, accredited technicians, claims processing specialists and customer service representatives your choice is crystal clear. All of our work is backed up by a written, lifetime guarantee and all of our customers benefit from the Go Auto 5 star level of customer service.

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Our Auto Body Services

Collision Repair

You can rest easy knowing that our Edmonton auto body repair centres have completed over 100,000 automotive collision repairs. If practice makes perfect, our collision repair locations have definitely proven their worth.

When you bring your vehicle in to any one of our three auto body centres, your repairs will be completed by our highly experienced, accredited technicians and backed by our written lifetime guarantee. Your vehicle will be restored to factory condition down to the smallest detail. This includes things that many wouldn’t even notice during daily use such as crumple zones and frame damage. Our technicians are qualified and accredited to perform OEM repairs on any make or model of vehicle.

Dent Demoval

Dent removal is a process which includes specialized tools and considerable experience to ensure that your vehicle is restored to it’s original, seamless, factory condition.

Our technicians are experienced in removing dents and dings without damaging the finish of your vehicle with our Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) procedure. This process is a fast, efficient and relatively inexpensive solution for typical dent removal. Our Edmonton auto body shops are also equipped to repair hail damage.

Edmonton Lease Return Body Repairs

Returning your leased vehicle in pristine condition can be an absolute nightmare. Fees for seemingly minor damages can end up costing you thousands of dollars when you return your vehicle. Many of these damages can be a simple oversight if you don’t know what to look for.

The good news? Go Auto has nearly 40 dealerships and we know all about lease return repairs. Our trained auto body technicians know what they are looking for and more importantly, what the dealership will be looking for when your vehicle is returned.

Hail Damage

One unfortunate downside to living in Western and Northern Canada is that the weather is unpredictable at best. In the hailstorm of July 11, 2004, hundreds of millions of dollars in damages was caused to vehicles and property in the Edmonton area alone in less than an hour.

It is because of storms just like this that Go Auto’s Edmonton and Hay River auto body shops are fully equipped to repair hail damage without hammering, filling and repainting your vehicle. With our paint less dent removal system (PDR), small dents from hail damage can be repaired in a cost effective and timely manner without disturbing the vehicles original paint.

Alternatively, if the hail damage is too severe to use PDR, traditional methods may be used to restore your vehicle to its original condition.

Glass Replacement

For full window replacement your choice is crystal clear. Go Auto’s body shops excel in glass replacement. We utilize the highest quality of equipment, sealant and glass available to ensure your vehicle’s safety is never compromised.

If you require a full windshield replacement, our technicians are able to provide high quality, original manufacturer replacement glass. This ensures that the windshield fits properly, conforms to safety standards and continues to work properly with features such as heated windshields and rain sensors where applicable.

Scratch Repair

Driving in Edmonton, Vancouver, and Hay River can almost guarantee that your vehicle will at one point or another be scratched by rocks and debris kicked up from the road or other drivers who may brush up against your vehicle in parking lots. Nobody likes to see scratches on their vehicle and if these scratches are repaired quickly, the cost is minimal. However if a scratch is left to oxidize, the sheet metal itself may begin to rust and rot (leading to extensive and costly repairs).

The friendly, knowledgeable technicians at any of Go Auto’s five body shops are ready and able to repair any scratches on your vehicle’s sheet metal, fiberglass or plastic trim. Book a service appointment today!

Collision Repair

Over time, rain, hail, scratches and paint chipping will degrade the quality of your vehicle’s paint. Worse yet, your vehicle may fall victim to accidents or vandalism. This effects the resale value and lifespan of the vehicle as it makes the sheet metal more susceptible to rusting. This also decreases the enjoyment you get from driving your vehicle.

If you want to keep your vehicle looking good for years to come, paint repairs may need to be performed from time to time.

Go Auto’s body shop technicians will work with you and your insurance company to find the most effective, longest lasting and highest quality solution available

Fleet Repair

Go Auto also provides fleet repair services for Edmonton businesses. We offer competitive pricing, superior quality repairs and quick turnaround times. We have more dedicated and accredited technicians on staff than any auto body shop in Edmonton. For details or a quote, contact one of our three auto body locations today.

Your One Stop Solution

Your one stop solution for mechanical
repairs, parts and auto body repairs.

Go Auto's services don't just start and stop with mechanical and auto body repairs. We also provide a host of other services. These services include towing to one of our repair centres, care rentals while your vehicle is being repaired, shuttle services to and from the dealership if a rental car is not used and complimentary auto detailing for collision repairs.





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