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Meet Our Management Team

Go Auto is comprised of 40 dealerships, multiple repair and service centers, several reconditioning facilities, in-house finance and insurance departments, a loyalty and rewards program and more. All of these services are carefully directed by our highly skilled management team. Each member plays an integral role in our organization.

Mike Priestner
Mike Priestner Owner
Grant Ericksen
Grant Ericksen Owner
Jared Priestner
Jared Priestner Chief Executive
Jason Smith
Jason Smith President Email
Brent Lydiatt
Brent Lydiatt Chief Financial
Officer Email
Ben Cochrane
Ben Cochrane Senior Vice President Email
Latha Thomas Black
Latha Thomas-Back Senior Vice President Email
Dan Rideout
Dan Rideout Senior Vice President Email
Al Brulotte
Al Brulotte Go Finance
Director Email
John Keohane
John Keohane Go Insurance
Director Email
Shaun Guthrie
Shaun Guthrie I.T. Director Email
John Keohane
Russ Fenske Marketing
Director Email
John Keohane
Doug Shaw Fixed Operations
Director Email
John Keohane
Amber Dykstra Customer Experience &
Internet Sales Director Email
John Keohane
Brent Lazanik Talent Acquisition Manager Email