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Latest Winners!

Bonus Winners: Jason Kwasney. Doris Calvert, Michelle Colter, Gary Tassey, Barb Stecyk Wachholz, Isaac Hosein, Ray Chong

NOV 30: Kyle Trieber, Michael Duane Norris, Dave Bright, John Welsh, Shelley Mathiason, Gary Iaschuk, Darlene Ashcroft, Dyson Waldner, Yona Vaxman, Darlene Mckibbon

NOV 23: Joyce Lange, Sharlene Rennie, Jenna Cross, Steven Semaka, Ryan Hohol, Steven Dube, Shoshi Vaxman, Rob Pelley, Tim Malin, Jade Glesby


Go Auto's Conversations with Connor Jersey Contest Rules and Regulations (the "Rules")

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